About Constance

Justice On Both Sides Of The Courtroom

Forever a Rochester-native at heart, I was raised with a deep love for my city and the wonderful people in our community. When I went off to college to learn the practice of law, that foundation of growing up in a diverse city heavily influenced the kind of lawyer I would become, and the kind of jurist I will be.

I attended Law School at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where I more fully came to understand that more than one justice system existed. Throughout my law school career, I participated in internships with the Georgia Public Defender’s Council and the Georgia Innocence Project. In being given the opportunity to provide legal resources to people who may not have the means you or I have to mount a defense, my true calling came into focus: be a voice for those without one.

While working in the South, I also spent time with the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office, learning the prosecutors’ vantage point in addition to that of the defense. There I helped bring justice to victims of human trafficking, reinforcing for me that the most vulnerable among us desperately need their voices to be heard.

After completing law school, I began working at the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) in Washington, D.C. This opportunity provided me with experience on a national level, derived from the responsibility for training Attorney General offices throughout the United States on new and arising issues.

Change In Our Community Means Getting Out In The Community

Fairness and equity cannot just be a robe or gavel. It must come from a place of knowing your community, its strength, its hurt, and its people.

Compassion & The Constitution Should Absolutely Be Compatible

In 2017, I returned home to Rochester to serve my community. Since then I have worked as an Assistant District Attorney handling cases in town courts and city courts, litigating child abuse cases, felony cases and many other crimes that are committed against people in our community.

Serving both sides of the courtroom has prepared me for the office I now humbly seek: Judge. The one person sitting quite literally in the middle of the prosecutor & defense counsel ensuring not only balance, but also dignity, integrity, and compassion.

Justice with a Commitment to Community

With each new case, I found myself wanting to enact more change for our community within the judicial system. That drive is why I want to earn your trust and seek your vote for Rochester City Court.